Alhaji Umani Uwemedimo

Urbanization is not about simply increasing the number of Urban residents or expanding the area of cities. More importantly, it is about a complete change from rural to urban style in terms of industrial strides, employment, living environment, increased investments, increased capital accumulation and social security. The mentioned points are factors in which an efficient visible industrialization depends on. On the other hand, industrialisation is beyond contracting firms situating facilities, it entails a careful economic forecast and analysis of the viability, sustainability, investors capacity, costs implications, and other socio-economic leverages.These are prudent pre-considerations and factors Governor Udom Emmanuel priotized in his blueprint ahead of the industrialisation. This explains why the area of investments are areas with eternal markets.

The strength or weakness of a society depends solely on the level of industrialization as this is the prerequisite for more economic equality in the world. Gov. Udom Emmanuel is striving effortlessly to make sure Akwa Ibom State is known as one of the best economically developed states in the world: that’s why he came up with his industrialization policy on May 29th 2015.

During the gubernatorial campaigns in the State in 2015, Gov Udom Emmanuel as the gubernatorial candidate of PDP was unable to make so many promises as the rest of the candidates of other political parties. The only thing he was able to tell the populace was ” INDUSTRIALIZATION” . He talked about making the state independent of the Federal Government and how to outgrow the stipends the federation account allocates to the state as monthly allocation, hence the need to make provisions for substantial industries in the state.

This promise created much doubts in the minds of people prior to the experiences they’ve had in the past. In 2011 when the immediate past governor of the state, Sen. Godswill Akpabio and his running mate Nsima Ekere were going around the local governments of the state for rallies, canvassing for supports for second term, they promised 31 working industries . Instead of providing the 31 local governments with industries as promised, an unprecedented terror and killings led tonthe loss of many big names of the state. This was the fate of the state then.

Governor Udom commissions new hospital at Ituk Mbang, funded by AKSG

Today, the above scenerio is now the reverse. No one, not even the most ardent critic can deny the fact that Akwa Ibom State is accomplishing its industrialization agenda under the leadership of Governor Udom Emmanuel. In less than four years, the current administration has been remarkably innovative in solving challenges of development, while setting new paradigms in achieving present and future goals.

Few years back, he stated clearly that his commitment to industrialization is irrevocable, that the story of Akwa Ibom state could only be rewritten through efficient industrialization which then will pave an avenue for employment and wealth creation that would stimulate the veins of the economy.

Some years back, Michael Oppenheimer in one of his books stated clearly that the whites cannot afford to have another state which would produce more number of cars, and the number of industries they’ve got in the United States of America. But with the sudden establishment of more industries ( syringe manufacturing factory, pencil manufacturing factory, Electric Digital Metering Solutions Manufacturing Factory, Resuscitation of Peacock Paint Industry, 153+MOV Ibom Power Plant and 3- Sub stations, Flour Mills and Coconut Refinery, Plastic Manufacturing Industry, Toothpick Manufacturing Factory, and Fertilizer Blending Factory) in Akwa Ibom State by Gov. Udom Emmanuel, Akwa Ibom State has become a blessing to Nigeria. The state is now seen as the emerging industrial hub of the country.


Gov. Udom Emmanuel is not only building industries in the state, but he’s also complementing his industrialization strives with efficient security of lives and property in the state. This is the basis of industrial revolution in any society: a society where high rate of insurgency and other anti-social activities are recorded cannot have substantial industries. Investors will be fleeing from such a community for the fear of loss. Governor Udom Emmanuel is dragging investors to the State because of the template established for peace to thrive.


In reality, people don’t erect good structures, then put a zinc on top of the roof for putting sake: this is done because there will be a time serious rain and sunshine would come, so the only thing that would keep them protected, is the shed they made for themselves ahead of the rainy days. In other words, there would be a time when oil will lose value or probably become irrelevant in the world’s market, and here we should pause to ask ourselves if there’s any provisions made by our leaders to salvage the state’s ( Nigeria) economy from crumbling when this happens.

From the above point, it’s clearly shown that Gov. Udom Emmanuel has distinct himself from other leaders: others are building for the present day consumption, while he’s building for the future rainy days. He has drifted his focus away from our oil, he’s into building industries where in the absence of oil, the state could still move forward, thereby performing better even without the help of the Federal Government.

Today, the Syringe Manufacturing industry brought about by the Udom Emmanuel led administration has positively exposed the State to the African coast, as the syringes produced are purchased by health firms from other African countries. In less than 3years from now, these Akwa Ibom made syringes would be purchased by the European and American races. This is the dream of the governor. It wouldn’t be good that we end this dream half-way. Gov. Udom Emmanuel should be allowed to finish what he has started, and this means all our hands must be bonded together to ensure the success of his re-election by 2019. It is a little contribution we all owe our state.




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