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Why then do we fight ourselves, when EVERYTHING IS MEANINGLESS?



With a sustained effort at breaking the monstrous curve of unemployment, no description could have settled more perfectly on Governor Udom Emmanuel than “Mr. Job creation” as evident in his braving the southward economic realities to keep employing when others are downsizing.

Why the resignation of 6 of the Governor’s personal aides out of over 200 would make news leaves more to desire, passing our priorities for a misplaced endeavour in the judgement of people given to positive and productive thoughts. Why cry over spilt milk when you have a jar full of milk left? There are over 200 Aides happily delivering on their official mandates.

Before making a capital out of an infinitesimal 6 resignations in a sea of over 200 personal Aides (excluding over 2000 other appointees) tell us who currently employs a tenth of this number, of all those working to destabilize the polity, to reintroduce the era when mediocrity was celebrated.

This vicious effort at drumming the war beats notwithstanding, it is still fresh in our memories that a Federal legislator who thought he still calls the shots recently lost three of four legislative aides when he turned against the state; that’s a 75% loss. While away from a retinue of social media rascals and thugs, some of those who are up against the Governor can’t really point to who they’ve employed in all their political histories.

Expectedly, this too shall pass. Akwa Ibom people sacrificed so much to come this far, and certainly won’t lose such sweats to mediocrity.

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