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I was in Christ Embassy for years in London, in her branch, very close proximity to her, i heard and saw alot, at a point i changed branches because i felt too close and saw too much i was becoming discouraged in Pastor‘s behaviour and the system that enablers such

I eventually left Christ embassy but I knew that marraige would collapse, there was no more need for her, she was used to build the churches in Europe, paint this facade, be a single mother who hardly sees her husband but he is shared openly among women but she must play her role

Who calls their husband for weeks and hasnt been able to speak to him by those who answer his calls? Christ Embassy almost made me leave Christainity! Those that know know that woman went through HELL in that so called marriage

I always thought, the family is the first church and Pastor Chris cannot be a husband and father; I am not interested! Christ Embassy is the global head quarters of fornication and adultery! Why transfer my pastor to Canada away from his wife and kids with big ass sister becki?

My PUC pastor would call me and say inapproxiate things then guilt trip me as other women to protect him! This was a married man, a pastor, i couldnt reconcile it! Something is fundamentally wrong in Christ Embassy and how pastor Chris is is how 98% of the men there are!

Alot of rape and sexual seduction and responsibility to protect such men is why I left, but, beyond the surface, after you born again, there is no substance in the message, no character building, almost delusional and abuse of grace message!

The straw that broke the camel‘s back for me was, same PUC pastor, who was community sexual lover of alot of women i knew and looked up to started having a relationship with a 16 year old Turkish Muslim girl who came to church through my cell

He would do trips to Paris and near by cities with this girl, she got pregnant, he took her off state for abortion and after a while the girl wouldnt cope and left the church. We couldnt reach her for months, one sunday after church we ran into her and stories was chilling

I insisted on seeing my zonal pastor about the case, somehow we resolved it with girl agreeing not to expose it but still left the church, but what had me in almost depression was, my zonal pastor escalated the case to church leadership;it was decided that grace is sufficient

And this married adultrer continued pastoring like nothing happened, i would go to church and not hear a thing that man is preaching but filled with anger and judgement that one of my cell members who converted to Christainity was hurt by people who should protect her

It was too much, even now if the assess to eternal life is through Christ Embassy, I DONT WANT IT

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