Ten 10 advices from a Judge who handled family disputes in courts.


1. Don’t encourage your son and his wife to stay under same roof with you. Best to suggest them to move out, even to the extent of renting a house. It is their problem to find a separate home.
The more the distance between you and your children’s families, the better is the relationship.

2. Treat your son’s wife as his wife, not as your own daughter, maybe just treat her as a friend. Your son would always be your child but, if you think that his wife is of the same rank and if you ever insult her, she would remember it for life.
In real life, only her own mother and not you will be viewed as a person qualified to insult or correct her.

3. Whatever habits or characters your son’s wife has it is not your problem at all, it is your son’s problem. It is not your problem as he is an adult already.

4. Even when living together, make each other’s businesses clear, don’t do their laundry, don’t cook for them and don’t baby sit their children. Unless, of course, there is a special request by your son’s wife and you feel that you’re capable and don’t expect anything in return.

5. Importantly so, you should not worry about your son’s family problems. Let them settle themselves.

6. Pretend to be blind and deaf when your son and his wife are quarrelling. It’s normal that the young couple do not like their parents to be involved in the dispute between husband and wife.

7. Your grandchildren totally belong to your son and his wife. How they want to raise their children, it is up to them. The credit or blame would be on them.

8. Your son’s wife need not necessarily respect and serving you, it is the son’s duty. You should have taught your son to be a better person so that you and your son’s wife relationship could be better.

9. Do more planning for your own retirement, don’t rely on your children to take care of your retirement.

10. Grandchildren don’t belong to your family first, they are their parents precious gift first.

The above message is not only for you, please share it with your friends, parents, in-law, uncles, aunts, husband or wife to find peace & progress in life.

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