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Kilimanjaro bread: the real deal or just a hype?

Kilimanjaro bread: the real deal or just a hype?

Every now and then, we see products, ideas, brands, innovations, etc hitting the public space with a so much buzz. Undoubtedly, such virality helps to stir up consumers’ interest and depending on the type of product, there may be a corresponding high demand. However, experience has proven that it’s all the time that products are true to the buzz. Sometimes, after having a feel of the product or service, you hear people say, “it was overhyped”. And there’s always also a divided opinion. Ask Black Panther.

There are no fewer than 10 A-list eateries in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital. There is Apples, Food Affairs and Kilimanjaro on Ikot Ekpene Road. Pepperoni and Tantalizer on Abak Road. On Aka Road, there is Crunches and Country Style. There is another Kilimanjaro and Crunches Plus on Oron Road, and Sammies on Nwaniba. If you conduct an opinion poll on which eatery has the best meals, you’ll likely get four to five different names keenly contesting for the top spot. Ask which eatery has the best customer service, it will also be a close call. But ask which eatery in Uyo has the best bread, two names will likely lead the poll; Kilimanjaro, Ikot Ekpene Road and Kilimanjaro, Oron Road.

Even none bread lovers like me cannot fail to notice that it’s almost only in Kilimanjaro that bread do not last on the shelf because they are always booked while they are still in the oven. In fact the demand has become so high that customers are now given tallies before they buy bread at Kilimanjaro, Ikot Ekpene Road. So, if you’re a regular eater of Kilimanjaro bread or you’ve heard a thing or two about the bread, the question for today is, does the bread deserve all, some or no accolades? In other words, is Kilimanjaro bread so fantastic or it’s just overhyped?

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