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The pioneer newspaper breed reporter is a flawed character to behold. Never met him before? You do surely need to have an encounter with him to appreciate why Jesus regretted creating man in His image and likeness. He represents everything that is against nature. Talk of a man good at eating people’s money after using and dumping them, here was one. Just days after the result of the Governorship result was announced, members of the APC media team are in disarray with many furious they were used by Inemesit Ina who benefited from their sweat.

Who really is Inem Ina who orchestrates numerous attacks on the Governor? He smiles occasionally, but not as a trademark. A kind of fatuous smile, mischievous, deadly and dubiously deceptive. He sends you to war but never leads the war. He wants you to have enemies for yourself while he remains unblemished. He is afraid of everything, even his own shadows. An educated coward whose education comes with some sort of permittivity that is align to liberal worldview. Afraid to die, yet living in coma.

This serial blackmailer is always jittery being around smart, intelligent people. Once you have something to offer, he goes to work, plotting how to edge you out of the way, telling blatant lies and half truths.

A man with a high phobia, scared to death of the public, apprehensive even in private. Never bold to show himself, his portrait is his greatest nightmare. Like a mirror which gives an individual the best view of one’s true identity, he abhors looking at the mirror to evade the stark reality of who is his. You will never see his face on social media, not on Facebook, not on his WhatsApp wall because he has made a fortune of creating real and imaginary enemies for himself and his soul. Even when those he tried to destroy have moved on, leaving him to his fate, he holds himself captive, like a prisoner in a dungeon.

He hardly trusts anyone around him. Because he himself is not trust worthy.
To him every other person is after him. Always hunted by the ghost of his past. He fears everyone else is like him. Like a green snake in a green grace, he bites, dogges, hides under the grass and strikes again. Once guilty, he uses a voice that is weak, tame and subdued to talk, wearing a new humble mien to evoke undeserved sympathy.

An addicted embezzler of other people’s sweat and toil, and he goes about it as callous as possible. As a journalist, he does not embrace his colleagues completely nor distances himself from them totally. He uses them as tools and bargaining chip, often to his eternal detriment in the long run.

He is a neither a Christian nor does he embraces African Traditional Religion completely. He is neither here nor there. He embraces both faith depending on his existing purpose and mission. As a Christian, his faith is never reflected in his way of life or his relationship with people around him neither does he portrays the gory sight of a core traditionalist or herbalist.

All the people that ever worked with him must always be seen in the prism of competitors and rivals not teammates or coworkers. A master at implementing a capitalist policy of recruit, use, blackmail, malign, dump, and assassinate the character. A past time he does with reckless abandon. When he sees that his spell is waning on his victim, you can be sure the end of an era is near.

Inemesit Ina on the surface looks harmless, but on the inside he is as dangerous and deadly as death by a virus; quick to contact, easy to contamination, fast in spread and fatal in death. Yet he implements his plan in a clinical fashion to evade detection and suspicion when calamity strikes. This way, he has a perfect alibi and the false courage to come around as a mourner at the funeral of his own victims whose tragedy is the fruits of his hands.

Like an Aba product, he is a genuine fake. But you must have eyes that can look beyond the ordinary to read between the lines and decode the false expiry date. But the manufacturing date was no truth either.

He can hardly defend himself alone because he is always weighed down by the burden of guilt. Like a spell departing a victim, once in a while his humanity gets to him and he feels the pain of the tragedy of his life, the misery of his actions, the torments of his decisions and the burden of his crimes.

Those who truly know the real Inemesit Ina will tell you that his greeting is a symptom, his handshake a disease. His thought are venomous, his words poison. His gaze, cancerous. His nod a deceit. His sigh are hypocritical and his tears a mockery. Nothing about him is true but that is not the worst tragedy. Though not completely fraudulent but not totally a man of integrity, such a dual personality with a twisted mindset and inclination.

A pathological liar of great repute and a con artist of note, he sees life from a perspective unknown to civilization, from an inclination that is pervert and disgusting.

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