No modern Akwa Ibom Woman is Perceived as a cook and good s@x, except she lacks content or associates with the likes of Buhari- Akwa Ibom Born Movie Star

An award winning movie actress and a reputable online influencer, Miss Aniebiet Francis has voiced out her concerns over the video being circulated on social media with messages of stereotypes by some movies stars,

The video which was shot by an agency allegedly owned by Nse Ikpe and auditioned by Uyaiedu Ikpe in Lekki, Lagos on the 15th Of December 2018 and was launched on the 1st of January 2019. One of the video clips which has the All Progressive Congress (APC) Guber candidate Mr. Nsima Ekere talking about a Girl with an iPhone and expensive handbag, has received massive criticisms from Akwa Ibomites from all walks of live, both online and offline.
Here is what Aniebiet had to say.
‘I am shocked to my marrow to see people sit before the camera in 2018 and tell the world that people only see them as good cooks and good bed mates because of their land of birth. But the bitter truth is, it is possible that they might be getting such derogatory remarks, ONLY if they sound, talk, and walk like people who only know how to cook and satisfy men in bed.

A quick advice to these wanna be APC Brand Ambassadors, if your reputation before people in this age and time is that of a good cook and good sex, you have PERSONAL BRANDING ISSUES, it has absolutely nothing to do with your state of origin. You need a BRAND EXPERT more than you need a GOVERNOR and the CHEAP POPULARITY that video just gave you.
And, I can say this categorically, anywhere, no modern Akwa Ibom woman is perceived as a cook and good s@x mate, except she lacks content or she associates with the likes of Buhari, who thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen, sitting room and the other room.
Right from the days of Late Obong Akpan Isemin, Late Etuk Udo Ekpro, Akwa Ibom people had discarded the ” Etok Etok Syndrome” philosophy. Obong Attah came and fought the house boy and house girl mentality head on!
Governor Udom Emmanuel came with the Dakkada Philosophy and inspired the generation of Akwa Ibom women with altitude in different fields of endeavour.

Miss Imaobong Nse, who was a revelation at the 2nd Akwa Ibom Youth Sports Festival held in Uyo, broke a new national record time of 52:35 sec and won gold in the Women’s 400m final and the just concluded National Sports Festival in Abuja.
Blessing Emmah brought the Ekpang flour innovation and has received 1million naira from Government for start up and accolades from all quarters including an award of recognition from MTN Foundation.
Amazing Aniebiet Francis owns Orange Film Boot Camp that has trained over four hundred Akwa Ibom youths in different fields of film making FOR FREE, in just three months, and I can go on and on and on.
Do you think anyone with sense will insinuate that Mmanti Umoh, Enwongo Cleopas, Nseabasi Valentine, Remarkable Mary are only good in bed and kitchen, after relating with them?
Never! These apolitical young women are highflyers, their reputations and achievements in their field of endeavours speak louder than any archaic impression people had about Akwa Ibom women in the era of Lord Luggard.
Before you ask if Nse Ikpe has personal branding issues too, let me quickly inform you that, in showbiz, endorsement is STRICTLY business and whoever came up with those videos is an enemy of our state, the sponsor of those videos is a greater enemy of Akwa Ibom people.
And to you that were applauding those “We Are More” videos, I want to believe you were just impressed by the production quality. Kudos to the behind the scenes crew, I won’t be surprised if those videos were shot and edited by Akwa Ibom women.
In summary, the message in those videos is twenty years late and it will interest you to know that Akwa Ibom People had outgrown such reputation, So stop embarrassing us for cheap political gains.’ #AmazingAniebietFrancis #OnlyGod

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