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5 point agenda of Gov Udom Emmanuel 3 Years of touching Akwa Ibom people’s live


…" Planting tomatoes in the north are seasonal but in AKS is all year round"- consultant … "Udom may build a tomato processing factory in AKS"--Source An interaction with the Consultant on agriculture to Akwa Ibom Enterprise and Employment Scheme (AKEES), Mr. Bezhnev Lanqwa has revealed that Okobo LGA of Akwa Ibom State is set to yield an average of no less than 2000 tons of tomato.

1. Do you know that Akwa Ibom State Government employed 1500 medical and allied medical personnels in September 2014, which include doctors, pharmacist, nurses and medical lab scientists?

2. Do you know that these medical personnels were immediately posted across the various hospitals in the state?

3. Do you know that these doctors and the other medics were not paid for the entire 2015?

4. Do you know that these personnels were paid for the first time in January 2016 after 15 months?

5. Do you know that these doctors, pharmacists, nurses and lab scientists were paid only half salary from that January 2016 till December 2016, with the deliberate deduction of Duty Calls Allowance?

6. Do you know that these personnels got their first full salary in January 2017?

7. Do you know that these personnels are still being owed the entire salary of 15 months, covering the entire 2015 and half salary of the whole of 2016?

8. Do you know this is a guarded secret known only to the perpetrators, victim of this wickedness and by their muzzled unions?

9. Do you know that the governor, Udom Emmanuel (Deacon of my church) has lied severally that nobody is being owed salary in Akwa Ibom State?

10.Do you know that the Head of Civil Service also recently granted interview to say that nobody is owed salary?

11. Do you know that the PDP media successfully suppressed this information and floated the narrative that nobody is owed in this state until Kemfon Neke arrived the scene with the truth?

12. Do you know that many more persons in other ministries and agencies are similarly owed and are been insulted with bare face lies by government on daily basis?

13. Do you know it is treatment like this meted by our government that surges human resource flight and brain drain of our medical professionals?

14. Do you that this Udom has the mind to aspire to be in office till 2023?

15. Do you know you don’t deserve a governor that lies and is very economical with the truth?

Do you know that you should be angry about how our young doctors, nurses, pharmacists and lab scientists have been treated by Udom?

(Please who knows the brilliant indigene who made this apt observation about the current insensitive Akwa Ibom State government??)
More and more indigenes are waking up

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