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As we gradually get to the 2019 elections with four months remaining, I’ve been nursing a whole lot of questions on my mind about my candidate Mr Udom Emmanuel.

With four months to election, is Udom Emmanuel ready for this election when he still demonstrates the following;

1. Udom’s resolve to industrialize Akwa Ibom is a top priority. It is a known fact that for investors to come into a state, the security of such place must be guaranteed, there must be super infrastructure in place in such locations, etc. Instead of Udom to stay back in the state and do his private campaigns, Udom is still seen traveling around, having business meetings with investors. As the Chief Security of the State. For him, Akwa Ibom has to be safe for investors to keep coming in. He is still flagging off new roads and live touching projects, investigating heavily on them. I think he would have kept those monies to use them for campaigns. THAT IS CAPACITY.

2. Four months to election, Mr Udom Emmanuel should be seen throwing money around recklessly so as to draw favour from the political class, but my candidate believes he does not need to use money to persuade anyone to support him. Udom believes his performance should convince anyone to support him. He should be seen throwing contracts around so as to get the youth on his side, but Udom believes that whatever he is doing in Akwa Ibom State is for the youth and the youth on their part has naturally followed him because he has secured their Future. THAT IS TRUST.

3. Just four months to election, Governor Udom Emmanuel has opened vacancies for employment in the state Civil service. This is quite unusual as everyone knows the financial burden those employment will bring to him considering the limited resources that accrue to the state. For Udom Emmanuel, Akwa Ibomites should be employed, they should be meaningfully engaged. Udom should not be paying salaries again, he should be saving money for election, but you see, my candidate believes that the welfare of those under his employ should be his priority. THAT IS CARE.

Udom Emmanuel has not allowed his second term bid to be a priority, because he believes that it is God that gives power through man. And as such, he is busy ensuring that Akwa Ibom people gets what they truly deserves and the election fever can not affect him.

That is the attitude of a man who keeps the people first before his aspiration. It is the attitude of a servant leader.

#OnlyGod #FutureAssured #DivineMandate #Udom2019 #IStandWithUdom

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