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Why Buhari is after Obasanjo?

This is not about corruption fight or his 2019 election bid. Obasanjo is a major obstacle to Buhari’s Islamic agenda. Obasanjo is not happy and not comfortable with the lopsided appointments by Buhari which carries an Islamic and Fulani hegemonistic agenda.

Obasanjo has queried Buhari’s lopsided appointments to one ethnic and religious group – Islamic Fulanis. Obasanjo has seen the danger and called on everyone to save Nigeria from the direction Buhari is driving the country. Obasanjo may be a bad person but he has never pushed the country to such an extreme brink of collapse.

Buhari is bent on Islamizing Nigeria and enthroning the Fulanis over the country. This is the greatest danger to all of us. Every Nigerian must see this greater picture and join hands even with our enemies like Obasanjo to frustrate and dethrone this evil Buhari.

Do not be wooed by his fake corruption fight, but consider your freedom of worship and association as your utmost priority. Obasanjo is the strongest voice from The South and a Christian for that matter. T.Y Danjuma has realised the danger and mobilized his people. If we allow Buhari to silence Obasanjo, he will go aftet Danjuma, Dogonyaro and other top Christian soldiers. The South, Middle Belt and all Christians must wisen up and stop Buhari now.


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