. .. The power of Spirit ,Soul and Body

Did you know that a lot of things happened to your body spiritually, physically and medically when you were asleep?… Did you also know that the most dangerous time of the night is between 3Am – 6Am?.. Did you also know that your health is a direct reflection of your spiritual well-being?…… If no, take a stroll in these.
..Health is a state of Complete Physical, Social, Psychological and if I may add “Spiritual well being” of an individual and not just the absence of Disease or Infirmity (WHO, 1967).
Nevertheless, the Spiritual aspect of health may look strange to professional colleagues and scholars worldwide but I bet you -for wholistic well-being of any human born of a woman, his subconscious which is the spiritual must be brought into consideration, outside which there will be a direct malfunctioning of the entire physical body.
Remember, you are a soul; you have a spirit living in your Body. In otherword, you’re a tripartite being. The real you is your soul. Your body is only a container where the soul and the spirit stays. Preview them briefly below ;
1. SOUL :
Your soul is the real you. When once it leaves your body, it lacks control to some extents. That’s why people will visit cemetery to invoke the soul of a late father against his lovely son. A soul operates like robot- on it’s own, a soul is mostly without any will-power. What you tell her is what it does. Souls are not deaf, they hear and take commands. However, souls don’t die!
Spirits are the driving force of any being. As calm as they may be, there’re very powerful. We can liken spirits to sim-card that drives a mobile device. Without the spirit, souls cannot receive consciousness. Spirits are omnipresent. Unlike atoms which can neither be created nor destroyed, spirits do not die.
3. BODY :
The body is the container of Spirit and soul.

Both are involved in Dreaming Process.
Though dreams involving souls are much more Clearer than one involving only the spirit. People in the prophetic realms are mostly half human -half spirits but when souls are activated, they can prophecy your account number.

Black witches operates using soul and spirit. Only white witches uses the spirit.
-. Occult men strives using soul /spirit
-. The Eckists do not joke with soul travelling. ..As a matter of fact, training and retraining of your spirit being is a prerequisite to spiritual consciousness.
For those with weak spirits, the shock of an accident is more than enough to threaten their soul and spirit out of the body even before the real incidence. At this point, the victim seems to witness himself as TWO. The main body on the accident scene and his soul standing foolishly starring at the body.
Their spirits /soul are completely out of the body roaming. Luckily, it may come back to the body and such fellow will regain consciousness. But Unluckily, the spirits may get to a place of no return and probably, will be confirmed Death.
Some may return immediately while some may return later depending on their mission. Some may stubbornly refuse to return if they so much prefer where they’re seeing themselves as compared to this other side.
Interestingly, they’re hearing everything going on here and sometimes wish to return but their physical body fail to respond.
This is were serious prayer is needed. Call your Pastor.
People of Strong spirits are always aware of the fact that they’re dead even as a soul. This is one reason, most people comes back to life after being confirmed death. But the greatest wickedness is to embalm them before the said time of resurrection.
People of Strong souls and Spirits may sometimes communicate with their loved ones either in dreams or Vision.
….This is a case study of a Highly Respected Cleric in Apostolic Church, Nigeria -Rev. E E Okon. ..By MY investigation, even after the death of this cleric, his spirit once took charge of a small child during church service to drop a word of Prophecy.
..Conversely, wicked men can also capitalize on this to execute the game of re-incarnation.
When a righteous man dies, he smile all through. Certainly, You may mistaken him /her for a sleeping fellow. However, there are exceptions.
…When an evil man die, he tend to reinforce himself with more demonic powers from the pit of Hell pending it’s return on earth to cause commotions. Nevertheless, when you suddenly start sensing some strange movements and activities in your compound, it means these dead spirits are at work. This is more common in compounds of mystic village heads , Satanic Priests , occult men and Ritualists.
– No matter how competent Buhari’s Doctors may be, healing can never take place on the physical when the spiritual & psychological healing has not been taken care of.
Your physical well-being is the product of a healthy Soul and Spirit…In otherword, your health is more Spiritual than Physical. If in Doubt, try to urinate in your dream world when next you dream. As you shall wake up, examine yourself then tell us what got your undies wet.
Knowledge is profitable!
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